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Jul 20, 2016

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Success Stories

  • Well, what can i say firstly i would like to say thanks to Guruji & Anu Priya. Since i have started doing Neti, i feel refreshed...

    By Mrs Ravinderjit Kaur Matharoo
  • I feel so proud to find out about Neti, its my pleasure that i am doing this i feel i want to tell the whole world...

    By Mr Hardev Singh Matharoo
  • I am a businessman, we deal in car spare parts and Exide Batteries, in the name of M/S Decent Agencies & Decent Batteries.

    By Sunil Kumar
  • Nearly regular yog class has done me a lot of good( Nearly regular from my ride). The entire credit goes to our wonderful yog expert ...

    By Deepali Kapur
  • Anu Priya mam is very nice. She is very punctual in timings...

    By Nipur Sikka
  • Started doing yoga 6 years back and found it tremendously beneficial and mental health but practiced for short period.

    By Meenu Parmar
  • All other exercises and workout gives you temporary outer body benefits. But yoga heels our body ...

    By Sachin Sharma
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For Spa Section

How much gap should be there between meal and my spa sitting?

There should be at least 2 hours gap between your meal and spa sitting.

What am I suppose to wear during my spa session?

You will be provided clothes for your session. As per your comfort you can also get your own clothes.

Where am I suppose to keep my belongings?

There are lockers in which you can keep your accessories during your session.

Is it necessary that I have to reach in time for my session?

Yes definatly. Otherwise you will be limiting your session time. Your session will get end on time so that the next member doesn't get delayed.

After how much time shall I take my meal when my session ends?

1 hour after your session you can have your meal.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes you can. But you need to tell us at least 2 days before so that we can adjust that time with some other guest.

What if I'm facing with any health consideration?

You need to tell us about it before your sitting so that we can plan out what type of special treatment your body requires.

Can I ask for the adjustments in the spa kosha as per my comfort?

Yes you can. The arrangements are made specially for our members. Whenever they will not be comfortable with it , we are there to make adjustments.

When my spa session will end, after how much time I can take bath?

You can take bath after half an hour.

Yog Section

What kind of clothes shall we wear at the time of Yoga session?

You can wear clothes in which you will be comfortable to do the asanas.

Is it necessary to be in time for the session?

We can allow you just 5 mins late for your Yog session. After that your finger prints will not be accepted.

Shall I eat something before coming for session?

Ya you can have but that should be light and atleast half an hour before. Never come empty stomach.

When my session will be done, after how much time I can have water?

You can have water after half an hour.

After my session will be over, how much gap should be kept for meal intake?

Have your meal after 1 hour of your session.

Can I keep my cell phone on silent during my session?

Yes you can. We have seperate lockers also in which you can keep your belongings.

Can we get a trial session before enrolling?

No, you first need to be our member to avail our services. But,You can avail the benefits of our complimentary seminars before becoming member.

Meditation Section

Does God really exist?

Yes. God lies within us. You just need to feel him through your breathe and see him through your Mann. Our Mann is the X- Ray to our inner self.

Is Meditation just about inhaling and exhaling?

No Inhale and Exhale is the base of Meditation. When you start going to school, your books are just the base. Then you read and understand them to gain your knowledge to become independent. In the same way, meditation has various levels and when you cross those level then you achieve Moksh.

What is MOKSH ki PRAPTI ?

Getting internally enlightened and knowing yourself is Moksh. When you get separated from the distractions and negativity around you then you get Moksh Ki Prapti.

How much time should we devote to meditation?

It's just the matter of being devoting yourself to Meditation. As an initiator sit in Dhyan for 5-10mins. Then day by day increase your time.

When I sat in Dhyan, I felt the discomfort. So, I was not able to sit for long time. Why is it so?

When you close your eyes for meditation, all your thoughts from subconscious mind filter to your conscious mind with a flow due to which you might feel the pressure in your mind which causes discomfort. At that time you just need to watch your thoughts and segregate it. Then fell the relaxation.

Why I experience yawning while doing meditation?

It's a good sign. God take test. Before clearing your finals you have to go through mid test. In the same way to reach God you have to cross various obstacles . So it's a wall between you and God. You have to break it with your determination.

While doing Meditation, does our body parts get numb?

Yes, you will feel the numbness while meditating because at that time you are connected just with your breath and inner self. So your accessories( body parts ) over your soul are left behind.

Health Related

I eat my proper meals then why am I putting on my weight?

Your health reflects your lifestyle. Your sleep and wake cycle, time gap between your meals,what you eat and whether you are into any activity or not have all impact on your health.

How many meals should we take in a day?

You are supposed to take 6-7 short meals in a day instead of 3 basic meals.

What should be the gap between any 2 meals?

Have your next meal after a gap of every 2 hours.

What is the easiest way to burn the extra body fats?

Have hot water after 15 mins of your every meal.

Can I take milk at night before going to bed?

Intake of milk just before going to bed will covert into fats. Dairy products are heavy so it need time to digest. Have milk at least 1 hour before going to bed.

Can I have my favorite fruits at a time?

Prefer to have 1 fruit at a time instead of combination of various fruits because it will digest easily.

When I eat my meal I feel bloated. Why is it so?

The main cause can be that you don't chew your food properly due to which it get store in your body and takes time to digest which gives you bloated feeling. So, start chewing your food properly and feel the difference.

What should be the gap between our last meal and night sleep?

At least 2 hours gap is recommended.

What can I have except my 3 basic meal during the day?

You can have permal, digestive biscuits, Marie lite, curd, friuits, salads and soup but 1 item at a time.