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Jul 20, 2016

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Success Stories

  • Well, what can i say firstly i would like to say thanks to Guruji & Anu Priya. Since i have started doing Neti, i feel refreshed...

    By Mrs Ravinderjit Kaur Matharoo
  • I feel so proud to find out about Neti, its my pleasure that i am doing this i feel i want to tell the whole world...

    By Mr Hardev Singh Matharoo
  • I am a businessman, we deal in car spare parts and Exide Batteries, in the name of M/S Decent Agencies & Decent Batteries.

    By Sunil Kumar
  • Nearly regular yog class has done me a lot of good( Nearly regular from my ride). The entire credit goes to our wonderful yog expert ...

    By Deepali Kapur
  • Anu Priya mam is very nice. She is very punctual in timings...

    By Nipur Sikka
  • Started doing yoga 6 years back and found it tremendously beneficial and mental health but practiced for short period.

    By Meenu Parmar
  • All other exercises and workout gives you temporary outer body benefits. But yoga heels our body ...

    By Sachin Sharma
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Nutrition & Dietetics

Knowing your health that what your body actually needs is the utmost happiness you can achieve in your life. Your body needs a balance of nutrition and a proper diet to make you do your daily activities.

Yogpathy provides you a daily health tip and keeps a proper follow up of your daily diet to keep a check n your health. Your health is our priority.

In today’s world everybody is after materialistic things . Every person in this world is craving for peace and happiness . Whatever we do is with the ultimate goal of achieving happiness . but nobody knows that the real happiness is not in the materialistic things. Nothing is there in the outside world . everything is inside our body . Real Happiness is in knowing about yourself . Its a saying that



When someone buys / purchases some materialistic thing just say a car then he takes a very good care of it . because he has spent an ample amount of money on it but he has completely forgotten to look after himself . The very first thing that God gave us is our Body . So the maintenance of this precious gift should be everybody's Top Priority . Everyone should keep this thing in mind that


A proper routine should be chalked out to remain fit , happy and healthy . here are some easy tips to be followed in your daily routine :


Do MAKAR asana for about a minute immediately after you get up in the morning

How to Perform
Lie down on your stomach ( head facing down ) . bend your elbows and rest your chin on your hands . you can also keep your legs apart and touch the arch of your feet on the floor . breath normally while performing this asana.

It will keep your spine flexible and you will feel like rejuvenated.
You will never face back pain or cervical pain in your life.


Get down of your bed and do TAARH asana for about 5 times.

How to Perform
Stand straight on floor . Interlace your hands ,take a deep breath in and stretch your arms upwards towards the sky , maintaining balance on your toes only . try to look upwards towards your hands while stretching . stay for a while and then slowly and gradually take your breath out while bringing your arms down.

You will get the instant energy
Makes you feel more active
No laziness / lethargy will be there in your body


Drink 2-3 glass water and do KATI CHAKKAR for about 6 times.

It will clean for intestinal area.
Will help in shedding off the accumulated fats around your waist and lower abdomen.
Improves your digestion.
Helps curb the problem of constipation.
Helps regulate your metabolic rate .


Get Fresh up yourself

After you are finished with this thing , practice the following asana as per your stamina . anybody to everybody can perform these asana with full ease . these asana would work as a daily dose to keep your body fit and healthy . and it will take just 15 minutes of yours .

(I) Marjari asana (Cat Pose)

Stand on your knees and rest your knuckles on the floor. By taking a deep breath in move your neck and buttock upwards , move them inwards by taking your breath out . This should be done 5 – 7 times .

(II) Shishank Asana (Hare Pose)

Sit in VAJAR asana. Bend your upper body downwards by keeping your arms stretched. Stay in this posture as long as you can retain your breath in after exhalation. This should be performed 4 – 5 times.

(III) Pavan Mukat Asana (Wind Relieving)

Your browser may not support display of this image. Bend your leg and press it towards your stomach by taking your breath out. Raise your neck and try to touch your forhead with your knees . Do so with the other leg as well. This asana should be done 4 - 5 times.

(IV) Bhujang asana (Cobra Pose)

This is also called COBRA POSE . To perform this asana simply lie down on your stomach by resting your hands on the floor parallel to your shoulders. Now take a deep breath in and raise your upper body up and look towards the sky by keeping your elbows stretched. Stay in this posture as long as you can retain your breath in. Then slowly and gradually take your breath out and come back to the normal position. This asana should be done 4 – 5 times.

(V) Shalabh asana (Locust Pose)

This is also called LOCUST POSE .Lie down on your stomach and put your palms below your thighs. Raise both your legs by taking a deep breath in. By resting your chin on the floor stay in this posture as long as you can then exhale and come back to normal position. Repeat this for about 5 times.

(VI) Dhanur asana (Bow Pose)

This is also called BOW POSE. Lie down on your stomach and hold your feet by bending your legs from the knees. Pull your body upwards so that your body balance is on your navel region only. This should also be done 3 – 4 times with breath retention.